Schedule Utopia – the only calendar you will ever need

This is smartest calendar and schedule management application and program on the planet.  Gone are the days of having a calendar for this activity and that team and this school and that kid.   This can centralize all of it into one and work with or replace Google, iCal, Yahoo, Outlook and others.  It’s 100% free for everyone, so just pass it along to your teams, schools, leagues, churches, clubs, and organizations and this will be the ONLY calendar you will ever need moving forward.  

Those of you that run an organization – how would you like to just have to update a calendar and it will take care of the rest?  We make it that simple.

If you already use a calendar, you can do an export / import one time for all your events to switch to Schedule Utopia so you don’t have to set everything back up again. 

Better yet, we are accessible and will respond to you for help when you need, unlike most of the other calendar systems out there, especially those that are free.

We revolutionize how you manage your calendar and life – especially when it comes to anything that changes (locations, times, cancels, new additions, etc).  It eliminates communication bottlenecks and delays, eliminates the number of questions and responses you have to answer, and offers instant notifications for every type of change (time, date, location, new additions and cancellations) via your cell phone (text-sms and/or email, and text-to-speech calls). 

You can create or subscribe to calendars for your kids, sports,  schools, church,  organizations, etc. and get notified only what you want, the way you want.  Anywhere. Instantly.  It’s that simple, and it’s 100% FREE*. This goes way beyond just being a calendar, becoming a communication tool that will help you manage all aspects of your life.  Don’t want to use it for calendar, just use it for the notifications. Create your account and follow the calendars you want notifications from.  It’s that simple.

Any organization can just set up a calendar and invite all of the their contacts to “follow” it, and the followers will get notified of any changes based on how they set their preferences.  We’ve provided some suggestions of types of organizations that should be using Schedule Utopia, and how it could simplify everyone’s lives.  You can even suggest it to them via email, Facebook, or Twitter once you have your account.

Seeing is believing.  Try it FREE today.  You can tell every organization you participate in, sports leagues your kids are in, or your whole family to stay informed by getting them to Utopia.  You will be glad you did, and they will thank you for it.

Schedule Utopia – Life is easier here.

*text message rates may apply.  Please see your cell carrier for text messaging rates.