About Schedule Utopia

This is the brain child of several years of trying to figure out how to better communicate with each other, especially when something changes.  It also comes from being tired of having to duplicate entries from one calendar to another or use this for that team, this for that kid, that for this school, etc, etc.  This can solve all of those headaches.   From missing information because we get too many emails, to getting too many emails about stuff that we are “surfacely”  involved in (sports, church, etc.), that the actual notices we get don’t  have much to do with anything we really wanted to know about.

This is also for all of the parents, family, and friends that have driven somewhere to see a sporting event only to find out that the game had been moved or cancelled – as well as for anyone that has ever had to participate in a “phone tree”.

This is for all of the students who went to a class and for all of the professionals who went to a meeting only to find that the class/meeting was cancelled, moved to a different room, or had been changed to a different time and/or date.

What if as soon as a cancellation or change was made to an event that you are attending, that update could automatically be sent to you where ever you are? What if you could choose to receive it through text, email, phone call, a mobile app alert or all of the above?This is Schedule Utopia, and it is for anyone (all family, friends, students) that follow that schedule.

We hope to get your feedback and make this the best dang experience you could have asked for when it comes to helping you organize your life and keeping all of your schedule and events in order.  Start now, and sign up

Schedule Utopia is perfect for:

  • Schools – administrators, transportation, parents, students, volunteers, teachers, coaches, PTO/PTA/PTC, and extended school family members
  • Sports – Adult & Youth – for participants, parents, volunteers, fields, coaches, family and friends.
  • Churches – mens, womens, small groups, youth, rooms scheduling, volunteers, participants, news and schedule changing of events.
  • Non-Profits- events, board of directors, meetings, locations, etc.
  • Event Coordinators – seminars, tradeshows, locations, times
  • Campuses – professors, students, administrators, cancellations, room changes, sports, etc.
  • Anyone who wants to keep track of changes to things they want to participate in or track.

If you want to reach an active audience with kids, activities and sports, advertise with us.

Schedule Utopia – Life is easier here.
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