How Adult Sports Leagues Would Use Schedule Utopia

This is perfect for all sports leagues and facilities -  baseball, softball, soccer, hockey, basketball, football, indoor, outdoor, etc. You name the sport and Schedule Utopia can help.


Set up your league as an organization in the system (teams can be set up independent of any league, but it is not recommended to do that).  Please make sure you have the proper permission to be the administrator for your league or that you invite that person to administrate this organization once you have created it.  You would probably want to invite someone other than leadership of the league to also help manage this.


Set up the calendars for each type communication or resource that you need and want.   This can be for different for levels/divisions, teams, facilities/fields, locations, games, practices, volunteers, etc.  You can then invite people to see this calendar and follow it (or them if more than one). (This can be done directly through Schedule Utopia or share to Facebook
or Twitter.) You can invite certain people to administrate a calendar.  You can also create certain calendars as private which are only viewable by those that you invite to follow them – such as a board-of-directors- or managers-only calendar.

If the person you invited already has an account, they can just login and follow any of the calendars that are public or that you invite them to.  If they don’t have an account already, they will need to set up an account before they can follow a calendar or manage one. Each person can then begin adding their own information, activities and events to their calendar.  Administrators can add things to the calendar(s) that they are asked to administrate, and this information would be viewable to all followers of those calendars.

When something gets changed on any of your calendars, all followers will get notified instantly of those changes via the means of notification they specified.  This will all happen immediately with no delays and no communication tree needed (league-to-coach, coach-to-players/parents, players/parents-to-extended interested parties).  If they follow a calendar, they will get notified the moment a change is made (add, cancel, field location or time).


It would be a good idea to embed any public calendars right on to your website for viewing. This is easily done, and most webmasters or content systems will allow you to copy and paste the code you need.  This is the only set of calendars you really need to  have.  The organization calendar will compile all calendars onto the overview in the system so you can view it holistically.

It’s also a good idea to add a “news” or “events” type of calendar for activities that apply to everyone. For example:  something important that needs immediate attention (like a cancellation) or any “news” that you want notifications out immediately.  If someone follows this “news” calendar, they will automatically get notified via their preferred method when it is revised.

It would be a good idea to have separate calendars for each team for practices and games because your base of followers would be different.  Extended family, friends and neighbors would want to know about any changes to games and locations but (for the most part) not the practices, which would be just the players/parents.  You would want these items on separate calendars so the followers only get notified about the things they want and not everything.

You can now easily manage all of your teams, coaches, volunteers, fields, schedules, etc., all in one place, while being able to inform all of your players/parents/coaches just by updating the calendar – no calls or
emails need to be sent.  It will also communicate to them via their preferred means of notification instantly and automatically when the calendar is changed.

It would be a good idea to tell people to get the unlimited texting (SMS) plan if they want to receive the text updates. (Once the mobile app cue is available, those with smart phones won’t need the texts).  The text cost is the only cost for this, otherwise it is 100% free.

COMING SOON:  We are working on iCal and Outlook syncing. We are also working on creating private events so an entry could be private (i.e. for staff only) – we already have private calendars (share by invite only) available.  You can see all the features in development here.

 *text message rates may apply. Please see your cell carrier for text messaging rate