How Colleges and Universities Would Use This
(From community colleges through major universities, there are benefits for everyone.)


Set up your campus as an organization(s) in the system.  Please make sure you have the proper permission to be the administrator of this for your campus or invite a person to administrate these organizations once you have created them.  You might need to invite people from certain facilities, buildings, or departments to manage some of the calendars you could set up.


Set up the calendars for each building, facility, degree, campus organization or anything you want.  We would recommend professors/instructors also set up a calendar for themselves and the classes they teach each semester.  NOTE:  Not all of this has to be done with the initial set up – it can grow as use increases.  We would also recommend calendars for sports teams and arts programs, to include practices, room scheduling, events, news, transportation, volunteers, etc.  You can then invite people to see this calendar and “follow” it. (This can be done directly through Schedule Utopia or share to Facebook
or Twitter.) You can invite certain people to administrate a calendar.  Certain calendars can be made private and can only be viewed by those that you invite.

If the person you invited already has an account, they can just login and follow any of the calendars that are public or that you invite them to.  If they don’t have an account already, they will need to set up an account before they can follow a calendar or manage one. Each person can then begin adding their own activities to their calendar. Administrators can add information to the calendars that they manage and these changes or updates would be able viewable to all followers of those calendars.

If an event or class get canceled, anyone following that class schedule or calendar of events would get immediately notified by their preferred method of notification. This could save them from having to go across campus to find out a class is canceled.  This will help professors, teaching assistants, and students alike.  We know most campuses have an emergency alert system – this takes notification well beyond that to help save time.


It would be a good idea to embed any public calendars right on to your website (or the website for a department, building or campus organization). This is easily done, and most webmasters or content systems will allow you to copy and paste the code you need.

It’s also a good idea to add a “news” or “events” type of calendar for activities that apply to everyone. For example: important information that needs immediate attention (like a cancellation) or  any “news” that you want notifications sent out immediately.  If someone follows this “news” calendar, they will automatically get notified via their preferred method when information is  added.

You can now easily manage communications to volunteers, staff, students about organizations, events, teams, room scheduling, fields, classes etc, all in one place.  It would be a good idea to tell people to get the unlimited texting (SMS) plan on their cell phones if they want to receive the text updates. (Once the mobile app cue is available, those with smart phones won’t need the texts).  The text cost is the only cost for this, otherwise it is 100% free.

COMING SOON:  We are working on iCal syncing and Outlook syncing.  We are also working on creating private events (you can already make a whole calendar private by invite only) so  an entry could be private (i.e. for staff only).  You can see all the features in development here.

 *text message rates may apply. Please see your cell carrier for text messaging rate