Corporation/Company Set-up & Use


Set up the Organization/Company/Corporation as an organization so there is an entity there.


Set up the calendars for each employee and invite them  to manage their calendar.  (This can be done directly through Schedule Utopia.) If they already have an account, you need to use the email address that is registered with their account.  If they don’t have an account already, they will receive an invitation through that email and will need to set up an account before they can start managing it. Each employee can then begin adding their appointments/meetings/activities to their specific calendar.


The organization calendar will compile everyone’s activities into one place if you view it. If you “follow” a co-worker, it will put their schedule onto your personal calendar.  It’s also a good idea to add a “news” type of calendar for corporate-wide activities that apply to everyone. For example: a company meeting, lunch, Christmas party, or any special news that you want to call attention to.  If they follow this calendar, they will automatically get notified when information is added.

You can now easily manage all of your employees’ schedules in one place.  It would be a good idea for employees to have the unlimited texting (SMS) plan if they want to receive the text updates.

COMING SOON:  We are working on iCal syncing and Outlook syncing.  We are also working on creating private events so an entry could be private and not just a calendar.  You can see all the features in development here.

 *text message rates may apply. Please see your cell carrier for text messaging rates.