Schedule Utopia FAQ

Why am I getting a server error screen and what do I do?

In ongoing efforts to upgrade and expand our services, we have made changes to the physical locations of our servers. You may experience problems if your browser has a currently active session or cached content. To fix it, simply clear your cache (pressing Ctrl+F5 on most browsers) on the error page. This should clear the cache for that page and get the new address. When you do that, you should see the page change from an error page to a generic “Gross, Bug” page. You are now on the new server and should be able to use it normally.

Is this a mobile application?

This is currently a mobile website and is viewable through smart phone browsers. There will be mobile applications built to help with a shortcut on your phone and a queue that will manage your changes (both are due to be completed by mid-autumn 2012).

If you don’t have a smart phone- can you still use this and receive text messages?

Any phone that can receive text messages can be used to receive the Text/SMS updates.  Just make sure you watch your monthly plan if you are not on the unlimited text plan with your provider.  The more you use this, the more updates you will get and that means more text messages.

How do I get reminders?

Event reminders are set as you follow each calendar.  You can change how you are reminded and how far in advance of the event you are reminded calendar by calendar that you follow.  You can change that at any time and also delete that reminder and add one that has a different length of time  or notification type.  You can also add more reminders as you see fit to help you manage your schedule and those additional reminder can use the other methods of communication available (text, mobile, speech, etc).  If you have text, email, mobile, etc disabled on your account, you will NOT see these options for reminders.

How do I change reminder times?

All reminders default to 15 minutes, just like any other calendar.  The person adding the event to the calendar does not set these because you should be able to set your reminders.  You can edit that advance reminder time and also set additional reminders using other means of communications.  (ie – at 2 hour it emails me, and at 30 minutes it texts me, etc)

I am not getting any reminders – why not?

First, check your account settings and make sure you have marked it so you can receive the notification types you want.  Second, check each of the calendars that you follow for your notification preferences and make sure you have something check marked – especially for the notification type you want.  Third, if you want emails, check your spam filters and folders and make sure you approve notifications from Schedule Utopia – and/or mark them as “not spam” and add them to your “white list” – depending on what email client you use.  Finally – if you are the ones that made the change on the calendar, it won’t notify you because it KNOWS you made the change in the first place.

I am not getting updates to a calendar I make changes on, why not?

There could be a couple of things here. First,  if you made the change, you will not get notified because you made the change – everyone else got notified based on their personal preferences.  If another admin of the calendar makes the change, you will get notified if you follow that calendar.  You need to create an personal calendar and then follow the calendar(s) that you want in order to receive the updates – also based on your personal preference.  Remember following a calendar will give you the notifications want – you don’t have to use Schedule Utopia as your calendar in order to get the notifications.

I am not getting updates to a calendar I follow, why not?

More than likely, you probably have your notifications turned OFF on your account or for that calendar.  You just need to go into your account settings and/or for a particular calendar and see how you have notifications set for each.  You also need to check for what types of activity you want to be notified for (ie cancellations text me, but changes to an event, email me and additions/new events, don’t notify me, etc).  Once you have properly set all of these settings, you should start receiving the notifications.

Do I have to use the calendar functions?

No, you can use the import/export/sync features to get events to other calendars or just use this for notifications.  Just set up an account, follow the calendars you want notifications from, and set your preferences for the notifications.  You will get the notifications (the most important part) and you can still use whatever calendar you want.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

We do not store any passwords so you would just need to reset it yourself.  Just click on the reset password on the login screen and go through the process.

I found the “gross, bug” screen, what should I do?

Use the gold button in the lower right corner for of your screen labeled “feedback & suggestions” to report what you were doing when it happened so we have the details to look into why it happened and get back to you with an explanation or to let you know it is now fixed.

Why are the times on my schedule wrong?

Schedule Utopia automatically converts event times into whatever timezone your account is set up with. That way event times are always applicable to your settings.  Generally when your scheduled event times don’t match up, you should check your account settings to ensure that your timezone is set properly.

How do I export my other calendars (iCal, Google, Yahoo, Outlook, etc) so I can use this one?

If your previous calendar had an iCal feed, you can create a calendar under your personal calendars.  From the calendar details screen, click the import button, enter the URL to your iCal feed, and click Import.  All of the events from your iCal feed will be imported into your Schedule Utopia calendar.

If you export from Google, all of your events will show up as “busy” with no details.  This is a Google issue and there is nothing we can do to fix it at the current time – but we will keep watching to see if that changes.

Can I have more than one Calendar?

Yes, you can have as many calendars as you would like.  Make sure you are specific with what they manage.  The intent is to keep people from getting “everything” – they only want to be updated on specific things they are interested in.

Can other people manage a calendar I create?

You can invite friends or co-workers to help you manage your calendars by clicking the “Invite Mangers” link on the calendar details page.

Is my information private?

Your personal information is private.  Your calendars can be too if you choose to make them private when setting them up.

How do I get to my dashboard?

Click on the Schedule Utopia icon on the upper left corner of any page in the application.  Or click on the link here:

How do I invite others to see or receive updates?

From virtually any page in the application you can click “Share” and invite people to see what you are looking at; whether it is an Organization, Calendar, or Event and you can share via email, Facebook, Twitter or all three.

Can I make a calendar private?

Yes, you can make a calendar private by editing it and un-checking the box next to “Make this calendar public.”  People will still be able to find your calendar by searching, however they will not be able to see your events or follow your calendar without your permission.

I cannot find an organization I thought had a calendar. What do I do?

Be as specific as possible on the name and geography/location.  Also try using the fully spelled out name and/or any acronyms that the organization might have.

How Is it Free?

At some point you will see some advertising.  Don’t worry, they will be brand-safe ads and you can always opt out of any advertising (for a small nominal fee of course).  Eventually you will see ads that are based on the things you are interested in.  If you don’t have an unlimited SMS plan, you could receive some texting cost through your cell phone provider.

How do I get rid of the advertisements?

There will be a one time fee that will opt you out of the all advertisements for as long as you are a user under that account for the “life” of your account with us.  This will be s $10 one time fee and all ads will be gone.  The ads and this option won’t truly kick in until August 2012.