As a new application/service (launched in Nov 2011), we are constantly improving Schedule Utopia and adding features and functions based on your feedback. Here is the current list of features in development:

Recently Launched Features:

  • Organization admins, can now and and remove managers of calendar
  • Set default reminders by calendar for length in advance and type of notification – just like your “follow” selections.  So for a “games” calendar you can say, always remind me “1 hour” in advance and by text.  But you have set a different reminder type and length in advance for each calendar.
  • Calendar managers can now add events without notifying followers – Like when you are adding a bunch of meeting, games, practices all at once – that way they won’t get 10 notifications as you add 10 games all at once.
  • Muted colors on all the days on the calendar that have already past.
  • Create an all day event
  • Have a agenda view to embed on  websites
  • Calendar Managers can now cancel events without sending notifications if they choose.  They can also add a reason for the cancellation if they want to send notifications
  • Full “Share this” integration to share calendars or events on the calendars with your not only Facebook, Twitter, and via email, but also with Pinterest and Google +.
  • Photo Uploading and sharing – from mobile as well.  Must be a follower
    of the calendar.  Will associate with an event on the calendar – must be approved by the calendar manager or organization admin

Features Currently in the Development process:

  • Embed the Photo gallery onto my website – March 2013
  • Change the email address on my account – March 2013
  • Cancel my account and or delete my calendar – March  2013
  • Mobile version (Droid) – app shortcut and notifications queue – March 2013 release – iPhone will be Q3 2013.
  • Improve the importing events options and archiving – also offer to email the importer when their import is complete so they don’t think it’s not done -  May 2013

The following features are on the list that we are working to get into development:

  • Show who I have invited to follow, but has not accepted yet
  • Opt out of Advertising Option – lifetime opt out for one time $10 fee
  • E-mail formatting and sending screen improvements & enhancements
  • Options for changing views of calendar from monthly – week, 5 day, etc. and make them default for your account
  • Add more recurring event options – Date of month – like 8th of every month or “third Tuesday of every month”.  And be able to choose recurring for more than one day of the week
  • Ordering Support/Marketing materials for your organization
  • Save locations used and addresses use to a calendar for easy re-use
  • Locate/suggest organizations that have a calendar(s) based on your local geography
  • Send a deliberate email message to my followers through Schedule Utopia (if you add something to the calendar they will get notified via their settings)
  • Making a single event/entry private on a public calendar (like for corporate use)
  • Outlook syncing to Schedule Utopia