Video Overview:

For Organizations:

Create a calendar specific to a need.  If you have events, practices, games, classes, seminars, or whatever, they should each have a separate calendar.  Sure this might be a little more work for you, but this allows someone to “follow” a particular calendar and only get updated on the information that they want. It eliminates waste because your followers will not be notified about things that don’t apply to them.  That will help speed up the communication process and eliminate the “middle man.”

Your community, parents, friends, relatives, parishioners, students, or any interested person can track your organization’s pertinent happenings.  Whenever there is a change made by an authorized official to a calendar, the follower will automatically be notified instantly from whichever calendars they want to be up-to-date with. Before Schedule Utopia, you probably had to change three documents, make phone calls (the phone tree), email changes, post details online, and/or call the local media when something happened. This ELIMINATES the need for most of that.  It will also send them reminders of events via their preferred method.
You can even display/integrate the calendars on your website, and recurring events can also be created so you only have to enter information once (and you can update each individual event if necessary). You can share a single event, game or occurrence with others via Facebook, Twitter or email so they don’t have to follow the whole calendar for you to notify them of things that are happening.

It’s all 100% free. Get started - sign up your organization today.  Here are more details on how to get started.

For Individuals:

When you  choose to “follow” a calendar – those occurrences can be added directly to your personal “dashboard” and calendar in your personal Schedule Utopia account.  You will also be notified instantly via whichever medium you wish (phone, email, text (SMS), web, mobile app or all of the above) when there is any sort of change.

You can also get yourself out of the middle of the communication “tree”.  If you have your friends, family, or interested parties follow a calendar of yours or an organization (such as a sports team or school), they will  receive notifications instantly when things gets added, changed, or canceled without you having to manually pass it along to them.  In a communication “tree”, when one person doesn’t get the email or phone message immediately, the communication process gets delayed, potentially for hours. With Schedule Utopia, members choose all the calendars they want to follow and it will update them instantly when any type of change is made, without any further need to communicate.

You can also get reminders for these events, games, practices via your preferred method and have this system sync to your Google or Outlook calendars

You can also share a single event, game or occurrence with others via Facebook, Twitter or email so they don’t have to follow the whole calendar in order for you to notify them of things that are happening.

How easy did your busy life just become?

All you have to do is get started by signing up today.  If you don’t see the organizations you want to follow, you can invite them and start organizing and simplifying your and all your family and friends’ lives.

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