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  • If you are not getting notifications in a timely manner, please check with the organization that controls the calendar you are following. In the event of emergencies, cancellations, etc, they notify television or radio BEFORE they post it in Schedule Utopia or forget to post it to Schedule Utopia – which would cause there to be no notification or notifications long after another medium has published it. This could also be because different people are in charge of the notification processes as well.
  • SPECIAL CANCELLATION clarification: Lots of schools and teams are posting the cancellation/delay as a new event. This is not a “cancellation” of an event that exists, it is actually creating an event, which is the cancellation or delay – this is done because they don’t have “school day” on every day, which they would then cancel and ”existing” event and because they will reschedule the game and don’t want to delete it by cancelling it.  The are adding a cancellation - which is a NEW event.  You must choose to receive notifications for new events to get notified of this.  We also know several sports teams have a special weather calendar - I would make sure you are letting people know it is there AND getting
    them to follow that so you can have a centralized cancellations calendar, especially due to weather. 
  • With Schedule Utopia, YOU control how you get event updates and reminders, for cancellations or new event notifications. You can change these
    notifications at any time by going the the “My Subscription” tab on the menu. Once there, you can set how you wish to receive your notifications and reminders (text, email or text to voice message) from every calendar you are subscribed.
  • How do I change my event reminders – these default to 15 minutes in advance and via email (which are the default settings for any event created by anyone). You can go into each event and change how far in advance and how it notifies you (sms-text, email, voice) or get rid of the reminder for that event altogether. You can also set multiple reminders as an event approaches – like email me 4 hours in advance, text me 2 hours in advance and call me 15 minutes in advance. This can help, especially when travel is needed to get to your event.
  • Don’t forget if you are setting up an event that will require travel or that you are inviting people to, you can add a location link to help them get there. We suggest you put the address into Google Maps, copy the URL of that location and paste that link in there – or at least put the website URL of the location so people on their way there can easily use a smart phone to help navigate to the location from the event or a reminder.

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